About Company

The 19th Century saw Master Architect Thomas Cubitt’s iconic buildings transform some of London’s landmark neighbourhoods and squares. At the epicentre of his grand plan was the pub, a hub to service the communities and their workers that build the neighbourhoods we know today.

We are constantly inspired by London; by the heritage of each building and their fantastic locations; by the local artisans & creatives we work with whether they be the wine maker, the independent cheesemaker or the British weavers and printers supplying our textiles; by the passion of the talented people who work for Cubitt House (who have all the best ideas and are so passionate about what they do); by the music which makes our heart sing and our feet tap and the art that surrounds us.

With a team of nearly 400 people with talents not just in hospitality but across so many different disciplines from set design, architecture, art, music, finance and all sorts of other fantastic skills we know we are lucky to be involved with the fantastic Cubitt House and look forward to what the future brings