Little Blue Door

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a place where people could have whatever party they wanted, from chilling in the corner to getting wild and dancing on the tables. It was where we wanted to hang out with our friends and it’s where we did… and so the story began. Four friends, each with their own pop-up business, met running events together. We had the option for a short lease on a bar above Notting Hill Gate station. After a breakneck refurb on a shoestring budget, The Little Yellow Door Pop-Up was born- a place when anyone was welcome to come in, let their hair down and be themselves.

We knew very quickly that this was a much bigger and more powerful idea than one small flat in Notting Hill. We started dreaming about different coloured doors across the city – and maybe beyond – each one with it’s own distinct identity set by the vibe of it’s neighbourhood & clientele. Each one a Little Door home at its heart – but each one lovably unique, perfectly crafted to be adored by its locals.